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Why isn’t Russia involved in the Gaza war?

Middle East Monitor 18 Apr 2024
This gradual decline of the US role, the resulting power vacuums and the fracture of state institutions in Syria, Libya and Sudan, have enabled ...

UN envoy urges Libyan leaders to prioritize national interests to resolve political crisis 16 Apr 2024
... welfare of Libya, stating, "With a deep sense of disappointment, it is disheartening to witness individuals in positions of power putting their personal interests above the needs of their country.".

The Western bubble

Ekathimerini 15 Apr 2024
It was a rare moment in history where the world essentially had one superpower, a single concentration of power ... No pretense was kept and the US functioned, unsuccessfully, like a good old Great Power of the 19th century, without respecting any rules.

Vijay Prashad: Violating Diplomatic Missions

Consortium News 12 Apr 2024
Again and again, this great anti-war feeling is met with the wrath of powers that arrest the peacemakers and treat them — and not the merchants of death — as the criminals ... Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and the Fragility of U.S. Power.

The mass protest decade: From the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter

The Real News Network 12 Apr 2024
Either a government is sent packing and there’s a power vacuum, there’s no one in power ... But in the cases of North African countries, Egypt, Libya, your range of movement is limited by regional power structures than the global system.

Libya’s feuding leaders ensure political stalemate continues

Arab News 10 Apr 2024
Libya has been cursed with binaries ... The status quo has enabled political leaders to stay in power and amass extraordinary wealth, even as a third of Libya’s people live below the poverty line.

How Israel Weaponizes Water

Scheerpost 06 Apr 2024
Diego Rivera, Mexico, “El Agua, Origen de la Vida” or “Water, Origin of Life,” 1951. By Vijay Prashad / Tricontinental. Institute for Social Research ... Israel has imposed a total blockade on Gaza ... Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Fragility of U.S. Power.

Who is Khalifa Haftar and what is the UN arms embargo on Libya?

The Irish Times 03 Apr 2024
A veteran player in Libya’s power struggles, the 80-year-old rogue general Khalifa Haftar controls much of eastern Libya and is a challenger to the Tripoli-based government that is recognised by the United Nations.

Palestinians Will Remain on Palestinian Land: The Thirteenth Newsletter (2024)

Scheerpost 31 Mar 2024
Nabil Anani (Palestine), In Pursuit of Utopia #1, 2020. By Vijay Prashad / Tricontinental. Institute for Social Research. Dear friends,. Greetings from the desk of Tricontinental ... They will fight ... Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Fragility of U.S. Power.

History Says the Palestinians Will Remain

Consortium News 30 Mar 2024
Jared Kushner joins the chorus calling for Israel to expand its occupation to Gaza’s waterfront, writes Vijay Prashad on Land Day. If history is any judge, it won’t happen ... On Sept ... Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and the Fragility of U.S. Power ... 9. .

Beyond the Gaza war: Israel cannot be the exception anymore

Arab News 26 Mar 2024
Regional security means that the politics of war, as pursued by regional powers and their proxies, must end ... Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

What hope is there for Libya's long-awaited elections?

The New Arab 21 Mar 2024
After over a decade of conflict, Libya is deeply divided and lacks strong national institutions and democratic experience, leading to a power vacuum that has allowed various armed groups to assert control over different parts of the country.

MIA SWART: Fortress Europe should open to migrants

Business Day 20 Mar 2024
In Italy Silvio Berlusconi was firmly in power ... Then, as now, boats departing from Libya capsized regularly, turning the Med into the site of endless tragedy.

How NATO undid decades of post-colonial development in mere months

Russia Today 19 Mar 2024
His path to power is a story of ambition, ideology, and revolution, deeply intertwined with Libya’s quest for self-determination and sovereignty in the post-colonial era ... broad regional powers.